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Trombipolution // Leads and Bites Vol. 1 // Vanishing Point bulk review in Groove Magazine

One of Germany’s print authority on underground dance music Groove Magazine has done a bulk review of  Jerome’s last few releases. Take the chance to brush on German skills and read what they had to say.

3 Responses to Trombipolution // Leads and Bites Vol. 1 // Vanishing Point bulk review in Groove Magazine

  • Milosz says:

    From this releases Vanishing Point is my personal favourite. very nice hypnotic atmoshpere !!

    • Arry says:

      Hey, subtle must be your mldide name. Great post!

      • Sadik says:

        Jeremy,After reading this post I am winedrong which Nigerian you are living in?? Nigerians not inviting you to their house for dinner?? Nigerians not making conversation??Maybe the term “dinner party” is not quite apt in its traditional western style but in my experience as an Englishman living in Lagos is that most Nigerians can’t wait to get you over to eat at their homes. They want to show of their local cusine and see if you can cope with pepper, shaki and amala!”eating food is not seen as a communal event”??? Can you explain why almost anytime you meet someone eating they will tell you to “wa jeune….come and eat” In my experience people and food are two things that go totally hand in hand….you simply can’t go to someones house without being given food, drinks.As far as the aesthetics of the food goes I’m sure you’re average Nigerian male will find the sight of his two balls of eon, stew and meat the most aesthetically pleasing food in the world!

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