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Trombipolution (Drumcode)


Jerome Sydenham follows up his imposing The Visitation release for Drumcode with the 5 track Trombipolution EP.

One of the few producers who can slip effortlessly from house to techno while retaining his own feel to his output, Sydenham is progressive in the true sense of the word and his pairing with Drumcode is a winning formula.

Across the EP the drums take center stage, with Sydenham building intense grooves as beds for a variety of sounds ranging from abrasive synths (Trombipolution) to moody washes (Push to Enter) via traditional stabs (Bite/Amp) and penetrating leads (In the Zone).

As with all of Sydenhams work, the Trombipolution EP is as laced with New York house feeling as it is with Berlins wintery techno moodiness and that is what makes it essential listening.

Amp includes sample taken from The Advent “Ventad” on Colin Dales label, Abstract Dance

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