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Jerome’s Chicken Stew

6 tomatoes
2 onions
1 chicken with bone cut in small pieces
4 beef boullion cubes
2 habanaro peppers
1 piece of fresh ginger (to taste)
Peanut oil
1 tsp five spice
black pepper
potatoes or rice

Fill pot 1/4 full with water. Add chicken, 1 whole onion peeled, 4 beef boullion cubes, 1 chopped habanaro pepper (remove seeds) and 1 tbsp black pepper, 1 tsp five spice, 1 tbsp salt. Boil for 20 min

Take out all pieces of chicken but thigh and back. Continue to boil the thigh and back to form stock.Should boil for about 20 min more.

Chop one whole onion very finely. Blend the tomatoes in a blender with fresh garlic, ginger and 1 habanero pepper (no seeds). Fry the blended tomato sauce and chopped onions in a little peanut oil in a deep pan at high heat for 10 min. Let cook at medium to low heat for 45 min or until thick.

Then slowly add chicken stock (from above). Then finally add the chicken to the tomato sauce. 10 more minutes and it should be ready to go.

Serve with roast potatoes or white rice.

Finally, recommended is a nice Rose, from Provence of course.



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