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Jerome takes center stage at TEDxBricklane this week

A Journey with Jerome, Where Music and Money Meet

An introspective look through Jerome’s many lives from Ibadan, to New York, to Berlin, as an Artist, a DJ and an A&R. He will offer stories and use the breadth of his experience across all aspects of the music industry to dissect the rigid dichotomy between creativity and commerce.

About this event

TEDxBrickLane will be made up of a series of eight talks, all under the theme of ‘Redefining the DJ’ . This is a non-profit event and the aim of TEDx Brick Lane is to readdress the common conceptions of the ‘Disc Jockey’ – including where this term originated, how it has changed and developed in recent decades, why the DJ plays an increasingly more prominent role in society and the stamp that DJs have made on popular culture in general. Helping us explore these ideas is a collaboration of people with an expert knowledge and passion for music, made up not only of DJs themselves, but also music producers and academics, instrument designers and music entrepreneurs

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