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New Jerome Sydenham remix of Sasha Carassi “Dark Pride”

“This one is pedal to the metal techno stomper”

L A B E L: Phobiq

C A T. N O. : PHOBIQ071D

D A T E : 4/3/2013

L I N K : Beatport
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Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness (Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix)

My remix of “Computer Madness” by Steve Poindexter that I did together with Function is now out. Get your vinyl now while supply lasts!!

V I N Y L S T O R E S:

Truncate ‘Pad Mode’ (Jerome Sydenham Remix) hits the ground running!

Jerome’s latest remix for Truncate on Enemy Records has been getting some exceptional feedback. ‘Pad Mode’ is quite the dance floor killer in its own right, but Jerome’s rework seems to be getting the nod by many of Techno’s top jocks!

Pick up the vinyl from the great online shop deejay.de or on Beatport

Technasia – Innocuous Clouds (Jerome Sydenham Remix) to appear on Technasia Records

Jerome turns out one of his best remixes this year for Hong Kong based Technasia.

If you wish to hear the track in its entirety check it out on Whatpeopleplay.com

or here on Beatport


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