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Legends @ Rex tonight with Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussel, Jerome Sydenham & DJ Deep

It’s is great to be back at the Rex with all the boys tonight.

Playing order:
23.30-1.00 JOE CLAUSELL
4.30-End: DJ DEEP

L I N K: http://www.rexclub.com/rex-club-25-years-presents-legends

Leads & Bites (Ibadan)

Fresh off their 15 year anniversary Ibadan Records is back with a four track EP “Leads & Bites Vol. 1″

Love Test by Jerome Sydenham & Christian Prommer

Prommer is one of the most celebrated drummers in Electronic music, but this particular collaboration, ‘Love Test’, with Jerome Sydenham, is a tribute to these great talents appreciation for the Electronica genre.

Sweet Rise by Jerome Sydenham

‘Sweet Rise’, aims to ail that string of rude awakenings that often plague us.

Eshelon ( Jerome Sydenham’s Naija Remix) by A.V.

Jerome’s deep take on an original composition ‘Eshelon’, from AV.


The original of Eshelon was released on Naija E.P. by Soul Sun Soul Music .

The Fever by Jerome Sydenham & Function

New York boys doing it how New Yorkers do.

Click here to buy.

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